Airbrush Tanning

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**With Our Top Of The Line Organic Rapid Solution (by SunFX) You Only Need To Wait 2-5 To Shower

Our state-of-the-art airbrush tanning system gives you the perfect tan every

time. Our goal is to provide you the very best in airbrush tanning for that

rich, golden tan.


Your satisfaction is very importance to us. Your tan is custom made.

The formula is adjusted to your skin type, which insures the perfect tan.


The tanning solution is airbrushed onto your skin by a skilled specialist,

creating a smooth, silky tan. The application is fast, effective and easy.

PRE-TAN PLAN…For The Best Results
Night before OR 6 HOURS BEFORE session-


1-Shower and exfoliate using a good exfoliating soap or lotion.

SALT OR SUGAR SCRUBS ARE THE BEST. How well you exfoliate your entire body will determine the success of the tan. SPEND MORE TIME THEN USUALLY IN THE SHOWER JUST TO EXFOLIATE.


2-Shave where desired


3-Do not apply any lotion on skin. NO MOISTURIERS.




1-No make-up


2-No lotions on body. NO MOISTURIERS.




4-Now that your SunFX tan has been applied, you can reasonably expect it to last for up to 5 to 7 days depending upon your skin type and providing you follow the instructions below.  Once your tan is applied you must leave it to dry completely. Your SunFX technician will ensure that your application is dry before you leave, but as a precaution, do not wet your skin for at least 5 hours after the tanning session.


5-The solution should not stain but, don’t wear your favorite clothing the day of session.


AFTER CARE ( Extend the life of your sunfx tan)

1- If you want to extend the life of your tan even further then we would recommend to continue daily hydration of your skin using products such as our sensational SunFX Body Lotion/Tan Extender, enriched with Almond Oil. Products like this aid in the hydration of your skin thus extending the life of your tan.

SunFX Summer’s Secret is another excellent product to consider as it actually builds on your salon tan as well as hydrating your skin.


2- Finally if you want your SunFX spray tan to last longer then you should where possible also avoid:

     Long baths and hot spas
     Extended swimming sessions in chlorinates water
     Any product that is designed to exfoliate your skin


3-The tan will be still developing up to 24 hours. Some solution will wash off, but the DHA will still be working -  and after  the full 24 hours developing time you will notice about 30% darker tan.

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