Ergoline Sundash Radius 252

This premium tanning bed is specifically designed for the active person in mind. With a patent pending oval design, this unit tans you closer and darker than traditional stand-ups. Even the tallest client can get an evenly balanced tan from head to toe.
12 Minutes Maximum
52 – 200 watt, 2 meter lamps
High output body cooling fan


KBL 5600


The KBL 5600 is a level 3, medium pressure tanning system designed to provide a quick and efficient tan within 12 minutes.Its overall sophisticated design is made using high quality workmanship.

  • megaVoice System which guides our clients through the user functions of the machine for ease of user control

  • ACS Intelligent Technology features an automated ventilation control

  • 47 x 160 VHR body lamps

  • 4 x 500 watt facials

Level #4

KBL 7900

Pure luxury and the latest technology along with refined details equal maximum performance. The premium features of this sunbed turn tanning and relaxing into an exclusive experience. Easily our most popular sunbed.
» Canopy Lamps: 32 – 160W KBL, 4 – 600W High Pressure
» Bench Lamps: 22 – 160W KBL
» Pure Air Ionized Air Filtration
» Air Conditioned
» Aqua Cool Misting
» Aroma Therapy
» Music System
» Maximum tanning time – 12 Minutes


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